Dream Cask Pedro Ximénez Edition

Redbreast Dream Cask Pedro Ximénez Edition

Dream Cask Pedro Ximénez Edition

"Rather than try to seek out another exceptional cask like the initial Birdhouse Dream Cask release, I decided to create a Redbreast which would deliver something extra for the member to enjoy. So, from a combination of hand selected Bourbon and Sherry casks ageing from 20 to 33 years, we married the vatting in a Pedro Ximénez Sherry seasoned Butt."

- Billy Leighton

Guided by the vision of Billy Leighton, Redbreast Dream Cask Pedro Ximenez Edition is a story 33 years in the making and four casks in the shaping. Matured in Pedro Ximenez, Sherry and Bourbon Barrels. The components were then married and re-casked in a Pedro Ximenez seasoned sherry butt for a Dream Ending. Available exclusively to Birdhouse members.

- The Reveal


Full rich aroma of Liquorice and Treacle Toffee, giving cover to Vanilla sweetness and a concentrate of caramelised dried fruits. Cinnamon and Clove acknowledge the presence of the ex Bourbon influence whilst Hazelnut and Almond nuttiness adds to the complexity delivered by the fine old Pedro Ximénez Butt from Jerez.


A rich viscose mouthful of satisfying assertive spices combined with sweet ripe fruit. The liquorice notes slowly evolve to reveal those typical exotic fruits and berries which define the Redbreast style.


Rich and long with those familiar Redbreast berries, slow to fade.

Ways to Enjoy

Everyone enjoys whiskey in a different way and how you enjoy Redbreast is up to you, our recommendation is neat or on the rocks but we've also suggested some classic Redbreast cocktails.

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