Redbreast Birdfeeder

Introducing the Redbreast Bird Feeder Bottle

An uncommon bottle in support of the common bird.
Not only does the bottle become a bird feeder, but a donation will go to our partner, Birdlife International

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We’re thrilled to announce our Limited Edition Project Wingman Bird Feeder Bottle, designed in partnership with Birdlife International.

Limited to 2000 bottles, €15 from each sale will go to Birdlife International and our goal of keeping the common bird common. Even better, you’ll have a bird feeder that will help you lend a hand.

To give fans the best shot at getting one, we’re selling 500 bottles at a time on Nov 16, 23, 30, and Dec 7th @ 9am GMT. So if you miss a chance, there’s always another. Please note that all bottles will be shipped from December 14th.

The bottles will be sold for €60, with a purchase limit of 1 per customer.

Designed alongside Birdlife International, the bottle of Redbreast 12 features a copper casing that slides off the bottle and can be filled with bird feed and hung from a branch. So there’s something for your shelf, and something for your garden.

We’re very excited to see our Redbreast fans share some of their close encounters of the feathered kind.

Redbreast Bottle and VAP

We've always had our eye on quality, but now we're looking at quantity
– of a different nature. We're now proud partners with BirdLife international
in a bid to keep the common bird common.

Since our Chairman first set his eyes on Robin Redbreast back in 1912 — and decided upon our name there and then — we haven’t looked back.

But now we’re casting our eye further afield to other common birds such as the chaffinch, starling, barn swallow, wren and the blue tit. Why? Because to prevent such birds from becoming endangered, we have to think ahead. Our efforts will help safeguard habitats, educate, and monitor behaviour. Fortunately you can help the common bird from the comfort of your own home — through some exciting initiatives we have to keep under our wing for now.

Given that it takes 12 years for our end product, it’s only fair that we use our spare time helping out the inspiration for where it all started.

Step-by-Step Guide to using your Redbreast Birdfeeder

Birdfeeder Assembly Step 1


Twist the base of the feeder off.

Birdfeeder Assembly Step 2


Slide out the bottle of Redbreast, that’s for you.

Birdfeeder Assembly Step 3


Clip the feeder back on to the base and fill up with bird feed from the top.

Birdfeeder Assembly Step 4


Secure the top of the feeder with the lid.

Now, find a strong tree branch and hang it from the leather strap. Keep an eye out as the birds start making your feeder their new local.

Common Birds

Common birds are widespread species that are commonly seen across geographical locations.
Common birds are those that are not currently under threat.

Here's a snapshot of our feathered friends that need a hand, before they lose their “common” status.