Redbreast Dream Cask Oloroso Sherry Edition

For this Fourth Release in The Redbreast Dream Cask collection, our vision was to create a whiskey that both compares and contrasts to the previous year’s edition, a distillation truly unique and a rare expression of one of the World’s Greatest Whiskeys.

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We’re thrilled to announce our limited edition

Redbreast Dream Cask
Oloroso Sherry Edition

Redbreast Dream Cask Oloroso Sherry Edition is a 29-year-old single pot still Irish whiskey that celebrates the signature Redbreast style and represents the fulfilment of a dream held by Master Blender Billy Leighton to share an annual release like no other.

When selecting their whiskey of choice for this fourth release, Leighton and Blender Dave McCabe combined innovation, tradition and time-honoured craftsmanship by vatting together four special whiskeys, aged for a minimum of 29 years in ex-bourbon, sherry and ruby port seasoned casks. The whiskeys were married in a single outstanding Oloroso sherry butt from Jerez de la Frontera in Spain’s Andalusia region, and left to mature for a further 15 months to bring an evolution of its characteristic flavours to the Redbreast experience.

Redbreast 10 Year Old

The extended finishing time of this magnificent Dream Cask enables the individual wood contributions to come together and take on a wide spectrum of mellow fruit flavours and pot still spices. The result is a luxuriously rich Irish whiskey with notes of dried fruits, herbs and toasted oak and a complex aroma of liquorice, leather and nutmeg reminiscent of Andalusian bodegas.

This year's packaging takes on a new sustainable lens in a unique story book, this is a move that sees us turn the page to a more sustainable future and showcase the Dream Cask story and production process behind this year's Dream Cask release.

Redbreast Dream Cask Oloroso Sherry Edition is limited to 924 bottles at a RRP of €520 and ABV 51.2%.

Redbreast 10 Year Old

Redbreast Dream Cask Oloroso Sherry Edition
Tasting Notes


A rich and complex array of aromas with liquorice, dried fruits and a freshly crushed garden mint character to the fore while dark berries and delicate touches of orange marmalade build over time, working in tandem with the pronounced aromas of worn leather, tobacco leaf and nutmeg. Cinnamon spice and sweet vanilla highlight the intricate nature of the oak, complimenting and enhancing the pot still spices.


Luscious and full, with succulent berry fruits, soft anise spice and mild tannins. The taste evolves effortlessly with notes of dark brown sugar, vanilla, and raisins adding a sweet element, creating balance with the pot still spices while hints of cinnamon and nutmeg remain constant in the background.


Lingering finish with the spices slowly fading allowing the oak and fruit to have the final say.

Redbreast Dream Cask Oloroso Sherry Edition

The Redbreast Birdhouse

Redbreast Dream Cask Oloroso Sherry Edition

Introducing the Redbreast Bird Feeder Bottle An uncommon bottle in support of the common bird. Not only does the bottle become a bird feeder, but a donation will go to our partner, Birdlife International.

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