Robin Redbreast Day 2022 Terms & Conditions

Redbreast will launch a video on the 17th of November 2022 titled Robin Redbreast Day 2022. This video will be uploaded on Redbreast and Chris O’Dowd’s social/digital channels. A like/ share of the video will result in a 25 cent (euro) donation to BirdLife International. This donation amount is capped at €30,000(euro).


The total likes/ shares will be a combination of all likes/ shares across the below channels between the dates of 17.11.22 & 17.12.22: 



This video is part of a campaign to help raise funds and awareness for BirdLife International. Donations to BirdLife International will go towards delivering marketing and communications strategies to support the awareness of common birds, biodiversity, nature awareness and the need for public engagement