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About Redbreast Distillery Edition

Redbreast Distillery Edition is an evolution of the limited-edition Redbreast 10-Year Old that was released through The Birdhouse in 2020, and is now exclusively available at our brand homes at Midleton Distillery, Co. Cork, and Bow Street, Co. Dublin. This unique whiskey has a cask mix of sherry butts, bourbon barrels, European virgin oak and PX sherry butts to create a taste that is both luscious and full-bodied. Redbreast Distillery Edition is bottled at 43% ABV, and personalised bottles are available to purchase at our brand homes, to make your trip even more memorable. Redbreast Distillery Edition will be available from the Midleton Distillery from Saturday 30th September & Bow St. Distillery from Monday 2nd October.

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Redbreast Distillery Edition


Dark berry fruits and vibrant citrus zest along with almonds, hazelnut, and chocolate. The oak influence adds sweet vanilla and perfumed balsamic wood notes complementing the pot still spices.


Luscious and full-bodied with sweet cherries, blackcurrants, and blackberries. Spices and herbal notes of peppermint, anise, and grated ginger build over time, while the wine-seasoned casks impart soft tannins.


The pot still spices remain for a time, finally yielding to the oak and woodland fruits.